Washing powder classification
2019-05-29 福文

Washing powder classification

   Detergent is a kind of synthetic detergent. It is a necessary household product. At present, there are three main categories of detergent powder in the market, with their own characteristics:

   1. ordinary washing powder and concentrated detergent powder

   Ordinary washing powder, big granule and loose, fast dissolving, bubble is rich, but the cleaning capacity is relatively weak, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated washing powder particles small, high density, less foam, but strong detergency (at least two times the ordinary washing powder), easy cleaning, water saving. Suitable for washing machine.

   2. phosphor detergent and phosphorus free detergent

   Phosphates are the main auxiliaries for phosphorus containing washing powder, and phosphorus is easy to cause eutrophication of environmental water, which destroys water quality and pollutes the environment. No phosphorous detergent powder has this disadvantage, which is beneficial to the protection of water environment. For the health of our living environment, the use of phosphorus free detergent is recommended.

   3. enzyme washing powder and perfuming washing powder

   Enzyme detergent washing powder is added with enzyme, perfuming washing powder washing powder is added in essence. Enzyme detergent on certain soils (if the juice, ink, blood stains, milk stains, milk stains such as soy sauce, gravy, dispel) with special functions, and some specific enzyme which can play the role of sterilization, whitening, brightening color etc.. Perfuming washing powder to meet the washing effect and make clothes smell, make people feel more comfortable.