What Is the Difference Between Liquid Laundry Detergent & Powdered Laundry Detergent?

what it is the difference between liquid laundry detergent with powder laundry detergent ?

The use of liquid or powdered laundry detergent is largely a personal preference, but there are some differences in their individual cleaning capabilities. The environmental effect of each detergent type is an additional factor to consider when choosing liquid or powdered laundry detergent.

Liquid Detergent

  • Liquid detergents clean oil, grease and food stains most effectively. Spot treatment of stains can also be successfully treated with liquid detergent before the stain sets into the fabric

Powdered Detergent

  • Powdered detergents work best for cleaning dirt stains such as those on outdoor clothes. This detergent type works best for general laundry cleaning needs.

Concentrated Detergent

  • Concentrated detergents are most commonly sold in liquid form in small amounts. They offer the same cleaning power as traditionally-packaged detergents. A mistake commonly made by consumers is to use more detergent than necessary; therefore needlessly wasting laundry detergent.

High Efficiency Detergent

  • High-efficiency detergents are to be used in low water quantities. They are designed to be used in both front and top loading high efficiency washing machines.


  • Liquid detergent is not as environmentally friendly since it can consist of up to 80% water. Liquid concentrate and powdered detergents are the better laundry detergent choice for the environment, since less liquid will be used in each load.