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How China will impact the world economy in 2017

How China will impact the world economy in 2017

The outlook for 2017

China is expected to have good economic prospects in 2017. The convention of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China due to take place later this year will formulate and implement some major policy measures, which will bring the market and society positive and stable expectations. Economic globalization and trade liberalization remain the general global economic trends. China is scheduled to host an international cooperation summit forum on the Belt and Road Initiative and the ninth leaders' meeting of BRICS countries as part of its efforts to push for the building of an innovative, open, interactive, and inclusive world economy. All these mean China will inject into the world economy "Chinese dividends" that are full of hope in 2017.

In his 2017 New Year address, President Xi Jinping stressed that Chinese people have long believed that "the world is a commonwealth". Chinese people not only hope to live better lives themselves, they also hope people in the rest of the world can as well.

President Xi Jinping's attendance at the upcoming World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will inevitably facilitate China working with other countries to promote the building of a community of shared destiny and the recovery of the world economy, so the fruits of global development can benefit the people of every country.

The author is the minister of the State Council Information Office of People's Republic of China. The story was published on the official website of World Economic Forum